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Winter Wellness: a guide to sleep, meditation and healthier habits

This year has shown us just how important it is to look after your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Working alongside behavioural psychologist Dr. Heather McKee, nutritional therapist Tracy Tredoux and yoga teacher Jonelle Lewis, have designed three guides to help you build healthier habits, improve your sleep cycles and relax through meditation. Explore the three how-to guides below.

How-to build healthy habits

Dr. Heather McKee, behaviour psychologist, brings us her five-point guide to building healthier habits.

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How-to get a good sleep

Sleep is considered to be one of the four pillars of health, along with nutrition, exercise and stress management. Improve your sleeping habits with these tips from nutritional therapist Tracy Tredoux.

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How-to meditate

Are you a newbie or used to group or guided meditation? Learn to get zen on your own with guidance from yoga teacher Jonelle Lewis.

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