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Christmas gifts to fill stockings

We love Christmas stockings. They’re the perfect excuse for presents before presents. Yep, those lovely little goodies that don’t quite make it under the tree on Christmas Eve, but are still wonderful additions to your festivities. If you’re scratching your head trying to think up Christmas gift ideas that go in a giant sock rather than on top of a pile, look no further.

You can find the perfect stocking filler here, but these Christmas present ideas also work as Secret Santa gifts, if you need something small and cheerful. They’re just right for the person you don’t know very well, or as a gift for a teacher or favourite colleague.

The Cowshed Winter Candle is perfect for the person who likes to get cosy, and the M&S Christmas Tea Light Up House Tin makes for a great Christmas decoration when it’s empty, and is perfect for the tea lover in your life. Pair its festive flavour with the winter candle for a real treat.
Discover stocking filler goodies at Ocado this Christmas. Bring home your small Christmas gifts and presents for everyone this year. You can start adding them to your trolley today.

Tony’s Chocolonely Rainbow Tasting Pack, £8.99 

This gifting pack includes six bars of chocolatey goodness from cult confectionary creator Tony’s Chocolonely. Tony’s mission is to remove slavery from the cocoa chain, so the person tucking into this treat can feel really good about tucking in to their sweet treat. Nougat, Caramel Sea Salt or 70% Dark Chocolate first?

Prestat Christmas Dark Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Stocking, £10.60 

This stocking-shaped box of chocolates fits perfectly inside the one hanging over the fireplace. Prestat has been making chocolate in London for over 100 years, with the Royal Family on their list of fans. This box of truffles is perfect for the person in your life who enjoys a sweet treat with a touch of elegance.

M&S Percy Pig on Ice Musical Tin, £10

You’ve probably never seen ice skating pigs before, but this Percy Pig tin has them – it’s a music box with miniature Percys on top. The tin is filled with juicy, fruity gums, made with no artificial colours or flavours. They’re a lovely treat and the box can be used for biscuits, or your future Percy Pig stash.

Cowshed Indulge Blissful Room Candle £38

Cowshed started with a spa in Somerset, created by the founder of private members’ club Soho House. They’ve branched out into natural products, like this candle, which is made from natural soy wax. It’s from their Indulge range, which is designed to encourage a “blissed-out state”. Sign us up. 

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