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We’ve been on a mission to fight food waste ever since we started selling groceries, back in 2000. Twenty years later, we’re proud to say that only 0.038% of food is wasted at Ocado – that’s just 1 in 2,600 items. 

It’s good, but we think we could do even better. Here’s how we’re getting closer to our goal of being the first supermarket with zero waste:

Planning ahead
Accurately ordering the stock level we need reduces waste – in fact, 80% of products arriving at our warehouse are already allocated to customers.

Refrigerated vans for food waste
We donated eleven refrigerated vans to our Food Partners to make sure the groceries they redistribute are as fresh as possible when they arrive at their new home.

Unique technology
Our clever software calculates how to pack items in a way that reduces damage and decreases food waste. So, no more crying over spilt milk – or squashed strawberries.

Fewer locations
We only have three Customer Fulfilment Centres. This means less forecasting and less risk of food waste compared to traditional supermarkets

Life Guarantee
We want to make sure the food we deliver stays fresh for as long as possible. Our Life Guarantee promises a specific, minimum amount of time a product will be at its best.

Food Partners
We work closely with food banks, wildlife parks, social enterprises and other charities to redistribute groceries. All the fresh groceries we donate to our Food Partners come with our Life Guarantee, so we can be sure they’ll arrive at their new home in the best condition.

Stay tuned for more food waste-related tips and updates over on our blog and social channels.

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