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M&S: 6 weeks to go

We’re counting down the days until our range expands by thousands of products designed to make you say Mmmmm & YessssS.

6 weeks until a whole new range of Mmmmm

Start spreading the news: there’s a new range in town. And, while we know you’ve gotten used to our Waitrose selection, just wait until you get your hands on the thousands of products M&S will be bringing into Ocado.

6 weeks from now, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole host of M&S products – from fresh, seasonal fruit through to their much-loved hosiery range. You’ll also be able to explore delicious vegan and vegetarian alternatives in the M&S Plant Kitchen range. Or, if you’re more of a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of shopper, the M&S Gastropub range is full of mouth-watering classics like sausage and mash, shepherd’s pie and more. (Second helpings, anyone?)

All of these changes reflect Ocado’s ongoing philosophy of wanting to cater for everyone. Sometimes that means providing you with big brands like Kellogg’s and Heinz. Other times that means serving customers with specialty diets – like free-from, halal or kosher. With so many international cuisines to choose from, we are confident that you will be still able to find the food and drink you really want and love. 

While we’re welcoming a new range, our commitment to variety will never change.

6 weeks until new products for competitive prices & more

We know what you’re thinking, M&S has all those lush upmarket mains, right? Surely, they can’t compete on price. Thankfully, we can report that not only will you still get your M&S favourites like Percy Pigs – you won’t have to compromise on price either.

You’ll find over hundreds of everyday value products coming into stock by 1st September. Plus, new-to-Ocado promotions like M&S Dine-In, a delicious and fuss-free meal at a great price. Soon you’ll get ‘M&S Posh Dogs’ without the posh price, and just one more reason to fill up the trolley.

6 weeks until ‘No Waitrose?’ turns into ‘YesssssS, M&S!’

It’s not always easy to say goodbye, especially when you’ve got a few go-to ingredients for your favourite recipes. But change can be a very good thing, especially when we’re making it even easier for you to make the switch.

Only a tiny fraction of our full range (just 7.6%) will be changing when we replace Waitrose products with the thousands of new and exciting products from M&S. Many Waitrose Own Brand products will be given like-for-like replacements that match the value and quality of the original. This includes swaps for their premium and Essentials ranges too.

The best part is that M&S are developing a whole selection of delightful products which will inspire your culinary genius. With so much to choose from, you’ll hardly notice the change.

Now, all that’s left is to count down the days!

*The predicted range was correct at time of sharing, but is subject to change.

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