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What’s in season – September

Come September, butternut squash and apples are at their very best, and they’re not alone – beetroot, broccoli, kale and pears are in peak form too. Think early autumn flavours and veg that celebrates UK-grown, organic food, serving up a rainbow of colours to go on your plate. Need some in-season cooking inspiration for all that yumminess? We’ve got that too. Just give this page a few scrolls and you’ll find a whole crop of September-perfect recipes to try.

The shopping bit is easy too with plenty of in season ingredients waiting for you onsite.

Butternut squash

The most well-known of the gourd family, butternut is at its best roasted. Once cooked, stir chunks into a coconut chicken curry with some dried curry leaves, or simmer with cooked onions, roasted apple wedges and veg stock, splashing in some sherry before blitzing into a velvety soup. You can also roast chunks tossed in cumin seeds, then enjoy them in veggie tacos with guacamole and red onions steeped in lime juice.

Try Ocado Roasting Butternut


Beetroot’s sweet, earthy flavour works particularly well with tangy cheeses, spices, game meats and oily fish. Try roasting wedges until soft and caramelised then dressing with lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, coriander leaves and fresh chilli as a side to fried venison steaks; or peel, grate, then toss into a saucepan with melted butter and lemon juice until just hot but still crunchy, and serve with smoked mackerel.

Try M&S Fresh Beetroot


Verdant, versatile and great value, you can’t blame us for our love of kale. Coat it lightly in olive oil, scatter with salt and a little sugar, then bake in a medium-hot oven for 30 minutes until crisp for a crispy seaweed substitute in Chinese dishes. For an easy midweek hash, blanch and drain your kale, then fry it with nutmeg, shredded ham hock and cooked potatoes, or blanch it and stir into a tomato sauce with fried sausagemeat and layer up as a lasagne.

Try Ocado British Sliced Kale


Not just a side dish for a roast, broccoli also has a real affinity with Asian and Middle Eastern flavours. Try barbecuing florets until blackened, then dress with fish sauce, lime juice, fresh chillies and coconut sugar; or roast until crisp, then serve on garlicky yoghurt, drizzled with tahini, lemon juice and olive oil, scattered with toasted flaked almonds. Or slice raw florets finely, dress with sherry vinegar and truffle oil and serve with chicken.

Try Ocado broccoli


The quintessential British fruit, apples have (almost) endless ways to be used. Pan-fry dessert apple wedges in butter with rosemary, pile onto toast and top with a rarebit mix. Or finely slice and lightly pickle in lemon juice, salt and sugar for 20 minutes – serve with crab on toast and dill for a chic starter. Or simmer peeled, chopped cooking apples with sugar and cinnamon to make a compote, then fold through whipped cream for a lovely fool.

Try Ocado apples


Try cooking pears to bring out their natural sweetness. Quarter and roast them until caramelised, then toss with watercress, blue cheese and walnuts and finish with a mustard dressing. Or peel and simmer gently with sugar and a squeeze of lemon, until you have a thick, spreadable purée to serve with cheese. They’re also delicious in a crumble with blackberries – just use them instead of apples in your favourite recipe.

Try Ocado Ripe & Ready to Eat Pears

Recipes to try this September

Venison Burgers with Fresh Apple Chutney

These burgers will knock your September socks off. The sweet and sharp apples pair perfectly with venison’s gamey flavour.

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Beetroot and Feta Borek

This delicious recipe is our version of Turkish borek filo parcels (often twisted into golden pastry spirals). You’ll appreciate that we’ve used a square cake tin for ease. Try it yourself!

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Broccoli and Pearl Barley Gratin

Try this gratin for a veggie dinner delight. Roasting the broccoli adds a slightly nutty note that goes well with the cheesy sauce.

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Sticky Miso Caramel and Pear Pudding

Taste a miso twist on a pub classic with this sticky pear pudding. Don’t throw the pears’ cooking liquid away. Boil it down to a syrup, then use it as a sweetener.

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