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what’s in season – may

Gorgeous greens are in season this May, including fresh herbs that will make their flavour pop. We’ve pulled together some delicious recipes with handy cooking tips underneath so you can make the most of these seasonal ingredients this month.

Crab Tacos with Coriander, Spring Onions and Mango

It’s not just the veg that’s in season but seafood too.

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Asparagus, Pea and Mint Risotto

Triple the seasonal greens for one creamy risotto.

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Asparagus & Crab Linguine with Chilli

Discover pockets of crab and asparagus in your pasta for a fresh pairing.

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Herby Australian Folded Eggs with Herb and Walnut Salad

Soft, silky eggs make this an easy lunchtime win.

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Lamb Cutlets with Smashed Minty Peas and Broad Beans

The mint in your peas will make for a delightful combination with your juicy lamb cutlets.

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From leaves to legumes, we have gorgeous greens in every shape and shade, plus tasty ideas and tips for dishing them up to perfection.


The best approach with asparagus is to keep it simple. Boiled or steamed until just tender is best, then pair with something rich and creamy, such as mayonnaise, a luscious hollandaise, a soft boiled egg or a velvety risotto.


It’s easy to always buy the same kind of lettuce out of habit, but think about how you’re going to eat it when planning your next shop. Crisp leaves such as romaine and iceberg are perfect for thick, strong-flavoured dressings and can also be used whole as a wrap. Floppier lettuce such as batavia and little gem suit light vinaigrettes and simple citrus dressings.


Fresh peas can be used just as you’d use frozen – just cook in boiling water for a minute or so longer, until they’re bright green and tender. But the beauty of really fresh peas is that you can also eat them raw in a salad. Try with goat’s cheese, mint and little gem lettuce in a lemony dressing. Kids often love snacking on raw peas – they’re a sweet treat packed with goodness.


To really inject a cucumber with flavour, smash it with a rolling pin then snap into pieces using your hands – this helps it soak up a dressing. Cucumbers love salt, too. Season 10 minutes before eating then pair with salty ingredients such as feta and olives; or dress with equal parts soy sauce and lime juice, plus a splash of sesame or chilli oil and a sprinkle of caster sugar.


The leaves are great whole in salads – try with blue cheese and walnuts – or finely chop and mix with olive oil, garlic, red wine vinegar, chilli and dried oregano to make a chimichurri dressing for steak.


These green veggies love a rich dressing. Crush up a few toasted hazelnuts with garlic and an anchovy, stir in olive oil, then toss through freshly steamed beans. Or heat 1 tbsp sesame oil with ginger, garlic and sesame seeds and, once sizzling and aromatic, use to coat the beans. For a quick, fresh dressing, drizzle with olive oil, add a squeeze of lemon and toss in some chopped mint or basil.


A few torn leaves will liven up any salad, or add to a soup or stew at the end of cooking for a vibrant freshness. For something sweet, blend leaves with granulated sugar and sprinkle over a bowl of fresh berries.


Sprinkle on this strongly flavoured leaf to add peppery accents to mixed salads, or scatter raw on top of pizzas or frittatas after cooking to liven them up. You can also whizz rocket into a vegetable soup, use in place of basil for a punchy pesto, or stir into freshly drained pasta with some garlic or chilli oil, letting it wilt in the heat for the tastiest of easy meals.


For a quick lunch, sizzle chopped stalks with garlic, ginger and chilli, then add leftover rice and stir fry finishing with a dash of soy, a squeeze of lime, a handful of chopped leaves and a fried egg.

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