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Leftovers Lunch Wrap

Brought to you by @kellythesocialfoodie and if you don’t have chicken or mozzarella, ham or grated cheese work just as well. 

Serves 2 Total Time  15 mins.


  • 2 tortilla wraps 
  • 4-5 tbsp tomato-based pizza or pasta sauce 
  • Leftover chicken, leg or breast, whatever you have 
  • 2 tbsp pesto 
  • Bocconcini/mozzarella  
  • Salt and pepper 
  • Like it spicy? Add some slices of chilli 


  1. Place a tortilla on a chopping board and cover with the tomato sauce. 
  2. Chop chicken into pieces and spread out over the sauce. 
  3. Cut or tear the mozzarella into pieces and combine with the pesto in a bowl. Stir until coated and then spread over the wrap. Season with salt and pepper, then carefully pick up and place onto a cold, dry frying pan.  
  4. Top with the second wrap and turn the heat to medium–low. Cook for 3-6 mins until the wrap has some colour to it.
  5. Carefully turn over and cook the other side until golden – this will take less time than the other side. 
  6. When cooked, cut into slices and enjoy! 
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