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How to Entertain For Any Occasion

Playing Sunday roast host or entertaining more than just the family? It’s all in hand with Entertain. Entertain is your one-stop shop for sharers, drinks, decorations and everything else that makes you say ‘Oh! I almost forgot that…’ Your guide to fuss-free hosting can be found right here.

For a Lunch Filled with Laughter

20 Afternoon Tea Sandwich Fingers

There’s a sandwich here for everyone with these classic combinations , including free-range egg and watercress; roast beef and horseradish mayo; prawn mayo; honey-roast ham and Cheddar, finished with smoked salmon and cream cheese. 20 per pack means you can share them around or try more than a few too.

Orzo Pasta & Roasted Tomato Salad

Pasta is always a safe option for a mixed group. The sliced pepper and roasted tomatoes tossed in a red wine vinegar dressing will make for a crowd pleaser that’s ready to eat.

27 Mini Fruit Tarts

Once you’ve got the veggie options covered, you wouldn’t want to forget the fruit! These all-butter fruit tarts come with a medley of fruit options – from pineapple to blueberry. No prep necessary!

20 Antipasti Skewers

For a nibble while you natter, these tasty skewers are chock full of mozzarella cheese, semi-dried tomatoes and green Halkidiki olives. But be careful – once you’ve tried them with some nutty green pesto, you may not want to share!

For a Cosy Sunday Roast

Salmon, Haddock & King Prawn Three Fish Roast

This flaky Scottish salmon is filled with juicy king prawns, and paired with smoked haddock. The creamy Cheddar cheese filling is enriched by a caramelised leek stuffing. It’s perfect for a family of four.

British Porchetta Joint

This British pork belly joint has been outdoor bred for freshness and stuffed with a fragrant mix of garlic, lemon zest and sage. Rolled, tied and ready to roast in the oven – it’ll give you 8-10 delicious servings.

Fillet of Beef

Matured for 10 days for extra succulence, this tender cut of beef is a perfect choice for your Sunday roast. For extra flavour, add onions, garlic and herbs to the roasting tray.

Parmentier Potatoes

Switch up the classic side dish with these deliciously diced potatoes. Roasted with shallots and garlic butter, these bite size cubes are the perfect side kick to everybody’s plate.

For a Party Like No Other

Rainbow Sponge Layer Cake

Indulge in a six-layered, multicoloured sponge, made with only natural colourings. Each rainbow-packed slice is topped with smooth, vanilla buttercream and coated with lively sprinkles.

Luxury Crudite Pack

When it’s time to mix it up but stay healthy too, this multipack of mini veg is the one for you. You’ll find a crunchy bunch of cucumbers, red peppers, carrots, celery and a squish of baby plum tomatoes. Dip generously into beetroot dip, creamy cheese, chive dip or hummus for an added dimension.

Brie En Croûte

Pass the cheese, please! Specifically, this creamy brie that’s encased in a handcrafted, all-butter puff pastry. The rosemary and garlic dusted on top make for the perfect flavour pairing to the brie’s gooey centre. We suggest serving it with an assortment of crackers, chutneys and juicy figs.

24 Vegetable Spring Roll Selection

We’d hate for the vegetarians at your party to go hungry. With this sumptuous spread of pancake rolls and spring rolls of nearly every kind (mushroom, sweetcorn and more), they won’t have to. Enjoy with a gentle dab of sweet and sour or peanut dipping sauce.

Find more inspiration for your next Entertain occasion here.

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