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Halloween highlights from our spookiest suppliers

Spooky season is upon us, and that means we’ve got more than a few treats worth adding to your trolley. Each may inspire your own Halloween fancy dress to match – from rum fit for a pirate or a little something to keep the vampires away. Sink your teeth into these sensational selections.

Dead Man’s Fingers

If you just looked at the name, you’d think we’d put yet another pirate-themed drink on the list. But we’d bet a doubloon that you’d never guess the origins of this spiced spirit. It comes from a dish local to Cornwall – the Cornish Crab. The long, finger-like gills inside the crab are reportedly called ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’. The last man (allegedly, of course) to eat this deadly dish found himself looking a lot like the skull on each bottle of Dead Man’s Fingers rum. Are you getting the shivers yet? No? Try adding a little ice – and a splash of soda water, plus muddled mint for a mortifying twist on the classic Mojito.

The Garlic Farm

Even if you do make the mistake of inviting a vampire in on Halloween, you can ward them off with a big helping of The Garlic Farm’s Vampire’s Revenge hot chutney. Located on the Isle of Wight, the family-run garlic farm that is passionate about discovering all dimensions of garlic’s flavour.

Adnams Ghost Ship

Adnams Ghost Ship has been haunting pubs around the country for over a decade, having been first developed especially for Halloween. Inspired by tall tales of Suffolk smugglers, this hauntingly good pale ale is sure to steal your heart. Expect a bite of citrus with the sweet aroma of biscuits – all sustainably brewed from grain-to-glass.

The Wizard’s Magic

We often talk about the ‘Magic of Christmas’ but this 100% plant-based chocolate is bringing a little of that magic to spooky season too. One of The Wizard’s Magic’s best tricks is changing up the traditional chocolate recipe right before your eyes. Containing only 1% sugar and no dairy, these sweet treats can even be enjoyed by not-so-wicked witches with diabetes or dairy allergies too.


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