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DIY Gift ideas for Dad This Father’s day

Taking a little time to make a gift for Dad is bound to make him feel good. Not only is the gift unique, but spending time on someone else always goes down well. As coming up with good ideas can be tricky, we’ve created some craft gift ideas and recipes to get you started.

Bottle bouquet

Crafty children can decorate some of dad’s favourite bottles to make a vase of flowers with a refreshing centre. We’ve even designed a stencil for the flower patterns which you can download by clicking button below and print at home.

What you’ll need 

  • Our printable flower and leaf pattern stencils (download below)
  • Scissors
  • Coloured paper (including green for leaves and bright colours for flowers)
  • Four or six pack of beer, cider or soft-drinks (we used Estrella Damm Premium Lager for the box shape, if not just put the bottles in a spare cardboard box)
  • Sellotape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tissue paper (shades of green for the leaves)


  1. Print and cut out flower and leaf shapes using our downloadable patterns. You can then use these as stencils to draw and cut around.
  2. Roll your paper flowers around the top of the bottles and a bottle–top sized circle to the cap. Attach using the tape.
  3. Tape your leaves to the bottle stem.
  4. Cover the six-pack holder in wrapping paper to create your ‘vase’.
  5. Add tissue paper foliage to the vase before you add the bottle–flowers.


Dad might not wear a tie very often, but a colour-in tie is a lot of fun. Add vivid colours for a flower power tie. It’s the perfect bookmark to stick in Dad’s copy of his favourite book.

All you need to do is download the bookmark tie template below, print it off, cut it out and decorate until your hearts content!

Bring the pub home

Dad might be enjoying his pints at home after lockdown, so why not create a ’pub away from pub’ at home. This idea comes from Ocado customer Clare Dawson, who created a personal pub experience for her dad.One of the most fun parts of the crafting experience is to come up with your pub name and make your own pub sign. We’ve also created some beer mat templates for you to print out and colour in.


  • Tape packets of bar snacks to cardboard and hang on the wall
  • Name your pub and make a sign
  • Get in some of dad’s favourite tipples
  • Line up sparkling glassware and some lemon slices
  • Get out board games to create that traditional alehouse vibe
  • Make your own personalised beer mats (try our downloadable PDF below)

Father’s Day HomeMade Food GiFT Recipes

Dad will really love these homemade gifts for Father’s Day, and we hope you’ll enjoy making them. They’re simple to rustle up, big on flavour, and will leave Dad feeling like he’s the man of the hour.

Dill pickles

These are perfect for barbecue-loving Dads – enjoy alongside sausages and burgers. Just remember to start by sterilising your jars to remove bacteria that could spoil the pickles.

Get the recipe >

Chunky chorizo sausage rolls

We’ve given an English staple a spicy Spanish makeover – great for picnics or a mid-afternoon snack.

Get the recipe >

Coffee sandwich biscuits

This grown-up version of an Oreo-style biscuit will be a hit with coffee-drinking Dads. Leave out the coffee, if you prefer.

Get the recipe >

Rhubarb ginger gin

If your Dad’s a fan of cocktails, he’ll love this summery tipple. Pour over ice-packed tumblers with tonic, or add a splash to a glass of English fizz for a blushing British bellini.

Get the recipe >

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