Don’t flounder with the wine: what to drink with seafood

Decided which recipe from yesterday’s post to try, yet? We can’t wait to make the Thai fish curry, ourselves.

Luckily for us, guest blogger Zeren Wilson is on hand to help us pair different fish dishes with the right wine. Read on to discover her brilliant tips, plus four wines to go with yesterday’s recipes as suggested by Julian Twaites (our very own wine buyer).

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How to spatchcock a chicken: a cut above the breast

When is a chicken a butterfly? When it’s been spatchcocked! (Sorry, that was a fowl joke.) A spatchcocked chicken is simply a whole chicken that’s been flattened out: this allows it to cook more quickly and evenly. Plus, there’s less waste when you serve the cooked chicken in quarters. It only takes five minutes to spatchcock a chicken, and there are only three steps. Read on to learn for yourself… Continue reading

How To Ocado: Save recipes on the iPhone app

Enjoy browsing through lots of tempting recipes on our iOS app. Did you know? Once you find a recipe you like, you can save it to your Recipe Binder, where you can quickly access it later.

Learn how to create your Recipe Binder with our short How To video. Don’t have the app yet? Download it here for your iPhone or iPad.

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