Quick recipes for the cauliflower revolution

Forget everything you thought you knew about cauliflower: its life as a soggy school dinner side is a thing of the past, and it’s now the hottest veg of the year.

Our three easy, veggie-friendly recipes include a five-minute cous cous, a deliciously creamy curry and roasted cauliflower fajitas. Prepare to be amazed: you honestly won’t miss the meat.

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Three dinner party-worthy vegetarian recipes

National Vegetarian Week is coming to and end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying good veggie meals. Here are three mouth-watering recipes from the latest ocadolife magazine that even diehard meat eaters will love – including one dessert to sweeten the deal for afters.

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Recipes for the Vegetarian Week #vegchallenge: Day 4

It’s veggie bangers and mash, today: the 7-Day Vegetarian Menu suggests Vegetables in Disguise Lincolnshire Sausages, but you could use any of your favourite vegetarian sausages. You could also swap the broccoli for your favourite greens, and add vegetarian gravy for the ultimate bangers and mash experience.

Tomorrow we’re going east: visit us again for a fantastic tofu and noodle stir fry recipe.

NOW EXPIRED: Veggies assemble – 500 FREE bundles to grab on your next shop

UPDATE: Sorry, all our veggie bundles have been harvested. Keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway…

It’s National Vegetarian Week this week: to celebrate, we’re giving away 500 FREE vegetarian food bundles. Each includes seven veggie-friendly products, together worth over £18. Read on to find out more…

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Recipes for the Vegetarian Week #vegchallenge: Day 1

The Vegetarian Week Challenge begins today, but where to start? Nutritionist Anita Bean has designed a fantastic seven-day menu to get you inspired, with suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day. Visit our blog every day this week for new recipes.

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