UPDATE: Sorry folks, we’re all out of free burgers!

UPDATE: Sorry folks, we’re all out of free burgers! Keep an eye out for the next giveaway.

Mmm, mmm, mmm. This is a tasty giveaway.

To celebrate last night’s third and final episode of Sugar Free Farm we’re giving away 500 packs of 2 buffalo burgers from our friends at Laverstoke Park Farm.

Here’s how to claim your burgers:

  • Follow this link and add the burgers to your trolley.
  • Place an order worth £40 or more, for delivery by 15th February.
  • Add the voucher code VOU7144078 as you check out.
  • We’ll deduct the cost for the first 500 customers to redeem it.


Julia, Social Media Executive

Cleanse and refresh – food and drink for a feel-good summer

When the sun is out and the mercury is up, it’s even more important that I feel good in my skin. It’s not about guilt-tripping myself, it’s about food that does me good but tastes great too. Food I actually want to eat. So here’s what I reach for.

Image of the products

Coco Face Fresh Coconuts – these are raw and unpasteurised. Just crack one open, stick in a straw and drink the water, then scoop out the flesh. The flavour is naturally sweet with floral and woody notes. i.e. yum.

(Coconuts are a great source of salts and minerals, plus electrolytes that help muscle and brain function, and are good for rehydrating after exercise.)

Here’s how you open one:

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Food allergy? No problem. Your 7 free-from top tips.

As the Ocado ‘free from’ buyer, it’s my job to focus on the specific issues you might have planning meals around allergies or intolerances. Why should they get in the way of eating well? So, with Allergy Awareness Week upon us, I’ve put together my seven top tips for having your cake (or milk, syrup etc) and eating it too.

Image of Artur

1. Perkier Porridge Pots

These tasty little pots are brand new to us. They’re gluten-free and great for busy bees on the go.

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