Guest post: Sicilian Moro Blood Oranges by Natoora

Citrus fruits are one of the best things about winter, bringing vibrancy and their stores of Mediterranean summer sunshine to the gloom of winter. All our oranges come from a single grower in Sicily and his blood oranges are an absolute must try of the season.

When and where

Our orange grower is based in Scordia, in the Etna Valley in Sicily – one of the best citrus growing regions in the world. The mild winter climate, with warm and dry days, results in high sugar content and a bright colour, and is perfect for growing citrus.

Look and taste

Our blood oranges are the Moro variety. The uniqueness of this variety is in its powerful aromatic notes, with intense hints of berries, and a perfect balance between sweet and sour. The colour of the flesh is also very special, and it goes from blushed to deep red as the season progresses. These are oranges to eat with your eyes, too!

How to enjoy them

The Moro is mainly a juicing variety, but makes a fantastic cooking and eating orange as well. It is great added in salads, either juiced in dressings or in segments. In Sicily, it is traditionally combined with fennel and olives in a crisp and refreshing winter salad. Author of the best-selling cookbook, Persina, Sabrina Ghayour (follow her on Twitter: ) likes to serve it with radicchio and pomegranate molasses for a Middle Eastern twist.

It is also perfect in juices and cocktails. It can of course be used in puddings for a new take on a flourless orange cake or to top a tart or custard.

Being unwaxed, they are also perfect for marmalade, on their own or combined with other citrus such as Seville oranges .

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On the sofa with… Natoora

From top London chefs to passionate home cooks, Natoora has a dedicated following. They source fantastic produce from markets and growers across France, Italy and the UK.

Here’s our one-on-one with Managing Director, Franco Fubini, to find out how they do it.

Image of Natoora's Managing Director, Franco

Ocado: Of all that delicious produce, if you could only eat one fruit or veg for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Franco: Marinda Tomatoes – a green and red winter/spring variety from Sicily with a thick skin, wonderful crunchy texture and salty yet sweet flavour. By far the best tomatoes I have ever eaten.

O: You have such a diverse range from around Europe. How do you find new produce?

F: We look for the new by searching for the old and ancient varieties! By working with small, passionate growers, who care about the flavour of the produce rather than the yield of the plant, we are able to get our hands on a wonderful array of beautiful produce that consumers have lost touch with.

Image of Natoora Miyagawa satsumas

O: So what’s the furthest length you’ve gone to, to source produce?

F: We often find great produce comes from smaller scale growers, and it is a leap of faith for them to start supplying us. One of our varieties of tomatoes comes from a grower that we had to visit five times over a year before we finally persuaded him. Every year it’s a negotiation to get started again once the season begins.

Image of Natoora tomatoes

O: Only an Italian can answer this next question… Fresh or dried pasta, and why?

F: I love fresh pasta but they are very distinct products, each with its own use.

image of Natoora fresh egg linguine

O: If you were a super hero, what would be your special power?

F: I travel a lot and airports and flying are the worst part whether you are travelling for business or holidays. So being able to teleport myself instantly to where I need to be would be very useful.

O: Thanks for your time

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