Easy entertaining: a no-fuss New Year buffet

Whether you’re throwing a big festive bash, or a more casual dinner, why not let your guests help themselves? You get to spend less time in the kitchen, and they get the pleasure of your company. We’ll say cheers to that!

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Guest post: The Dr Perricone 3-Day Diet

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I’ve dedicated years of research to studying the effect of inflammation on skin. Did you know that sugar is a major contributing factor to inflammation, and that this in turn has an ageing effect?

My 3-Day Diet is designed to provide your body with anti-inflammatory foods, with the result that, in this short time, you should notice visible improvements in your skin.

In three days, the diet will help aid the elimination of puffiness and blemishes, and even begin to firm and tone.

Here’s how you do it:

At each meal your plate should have three components: a high quality lean protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a healthy fat.

Always eat several bites of your protein first. This will help you feel full faster.

Drink plenty of water in between meals.

Choose wild salmon over farmed, as farmed salmon has different nutrients and tends to be higher in fat.

Drink green tea rather than coffee. If you’re worried about caffeine withdrawal, I suggest black or yerba mate tea.

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The key foods in the diet are:

Wild Alaskan Salmon, which must be eaten twice a day for the ideal effects of the DMAE (an antioxident), astaxanthin (an anti-inflammatory) and the essential fatty acids to take effect.

Canteloupe melon – this is very hydrating and full of antioxidants.

Cooked oatmeal – a great source of fibre and low GI carbohydrates.

Nuts and olives – both sources of fatty acids and folic acid.

Working together, these will increase radiance, glow and firmness in your skin.

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Long-term, I recommend a three-tiered approach, consisting of: my anti-inflammatory diet, targeted nutritional supplements, and my highly efficacious topical treatments.

You will look and feel your very best, with supple skin, increased brain-power and abundant energy.

So, time to get started!

Add all the ingredients for my 3-Day Diet to your Ocado trolley now >

Find out more about the diet at my website >

Oh, and feel free to tweet me any questions @perriconemd using the hashtag #3daydiet

Dr Perricone M.D.