Kiss ‘n’ kips

February 2011

Who said romance is dead? Certainly not Ocado customers, judging by orders in the run-up to Valentine’s Day! Predictably, traditional tools of romance – such as roses and champagne – went through the roof, with champagne sales soaring by 33%, roses by 18%, premium chocolate boxes by 21% and oysters by a swoon-inducing 79%.

However, for some customers, “come to bed eyes” meant something else entirely. There was no rise last week in sales for condoms and related ‘accessories’, but, surprisingly, sales of sleeping aid Nytol rocketed by 39%!

Taken together, it suggests that this most soppy of calendar dates isn’t all about passion: that quality dining and a show of good, old-fashioned affection followed by some serious ‘shut eye’ was the main thing on some people’s minds. In fact, you might say it was a bit of an eye-opener… well, for us, at least!