NOW CLOSED: Look after your face this autumn and WIN an iPad

Hello men,

A happy autumn to you all – isn’t autumn a marvellous season to be a man? Football is back, hearty food fills pub menus and ale tastes better. Plus, whereas summer is about the body, autumn is all about the face.

Let’s face it. Most of us look better rocking the autumn scarf look than the pastel shorts and t-shirt combo. So this is our time, gentlemen, to celebrate our faces. Our ragged, chiselled, high-cheek-boned, moisturised, big, old, young, fresh, smooth and hairy faces.

According to certain reports, we may have reached peak beard. I say NONSENSE. If the 21st century beard can survive Mumford & Sons it can survive anything. So, fair gentlemen, if you want to rock a crazy ‘tache or a grizzly beard, go for it, express yourself. Continue reading