Give peas a chance – your fundraising total revealed

Thank you to everyone who donated to Peace One Day through our Give Peas a Chance campaign.

20p from every pack of frozen peas went to Peace One Day, raising a whopping £13,350 for the charity!Image of the campaign Continue reading

A visit from Jeremy

jeremySeptember 2011

Last Thursday my good friend Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, stopped by Ocado HQ to talk to us about what the charity’s been up to.

We’ve been proud supporters of Peace One Day from the start, last year funding their UK Citizenship Resource for secondary schools. So it was fantastic to hear first-hand what that support is helping to achieve.

Peace One Day has already established a UN-recognised International Day of Peace on 21st September each year. Now they work to promote that ceasefire around the world, bringing a valuable pause for reflection as well as 24 hours of unfettered humanitarian relief, to many areas of conflict.

He was incredibly illuminating about the ways the charity spreads its message, not only to those currently participating or swept up in war and violence, but also in reaching out to future generations.

The educational resource we underwrote encourages students to think of themselves as global citizens, and that as such, their attitude and actions can make a real difference to mankind.

Lesson plans run from conflict resolution and ending bullying, to intercultural cooperation and great peacemakers. Testament to the effectiveness of the resource is a dip in bullying recorded on days when it’s taught.

From everyone on the Ocado team, I’d like to thank Jeremy for taking the time out to speak to us. It was inspiring to hear for ourselves just how much can be achieved with enough drive and dedication.

We care passionately about changing things for the better, from the way we deliver groceries to backing the causes we believe in. And we know that that’s important to you, too. So if you’d like to find out more about Peace One Day, we recommend you ‘Like’ them on Facebook. You can download the UK Citizenship Resource for secondary schools free from the Peace One Day website.

Jason Gissing
Ocado Co-Founder

Peace One Day

POD_logoMay 2011

I’d like to tell you about Ocado’s new partnership with non-profit organisation Peace One Day.

Whilst we’ve been working tirelessly over the last decade to create and build up our business, Peace One Day has successfully campaigned for the UN member states to unanimously support the creation of Peace Day (September 21st) – a day of global ceasefire and non-violence – and used that as a foundation to inspire people around the world to lay down their arms and seek peaceful resolution of their differences.

I honestly believe we can all make a difference – and that to shrug one’s shoulders and let apathy defeat us is no way to live. To that end we’re proud to be supporting Peace One Day’s important work.

To kick things off we’ve underwritten the latest edition of Peace One Day’s UK Citizenship Resource for schools, which launches fully this week. The resource aims to engage pupils (ages 11-16) with issues related to peace, non-violence and inter-cultural co-operation, using Peace Day as a focus.

There are currently 9,000 educators in over 172 countries using Peace One Day Education Resources. The organisation’s goal is to provide free resource materials to every school on earth, inspiring a generation to become the driving force behind the vision of a united and sustainable world.

Peace One Day exists because of the passion and belief of one man, Jeremy Gilley – someone whose incredible organisation has much to give in the future, and who I also now consider a friend.

We hope that you, too, will be inspired to learn more. To find out how you can help to make September 21st an annual day of global unity, please visit, or become a fan on Facebook.

Jason Gissing
Ocado Co-Founder