You’re invited to the #MrMenEvian Twitter party

We all know that it’s important to keep kids hydrated, but how do we encourage them to be more excited about drinking water than sugary drinks? We want your ideas.

Along with Evian, we’re sponsoring the BritMums #MrMenEvian Twitter party on 6th November from 1-2pm. Join us to share your tips – you could win one of 10 £25 Ocado vouchers just for joining in. Continue reading

That’s a wrap

1300301_blogMum keeps everything we give her, even cards and wrap. That’s why I try to make a special effort when I’m wrapping my Mother’s Day gifts. If you’d like to make your wrapping extra special for your Mum this year, take a look at my favourite tips below.

Hints and tips for wrapping:

  • Make things easy for yourself – save boxes if you know you’ve got gifts to wrap soon, these are especially useful when wrapping awkward–shaped presents.
  • Make it personal – try using original wrapping paper, or something relevant to the person (e.g. if they like to travel, use a map) to wrap their gift.
  • Keep the element of surprise – if the shape of the present you’ve bought gives away what it is right away, disguise it. Put it in a box, or wrap it in layers, to keep the recipient guessing.
  • Colour-code your wrapping – this creates a pretty, cohesive look if you’re just wrapping for one person, and is a fun way for people to identify which presents are theirs if there are multiple recipients.
  • Little things – use double-sided tape to create a more elegant, tape-free finish.
  • Don’t use too much paper – this creates bulky, messy folds. Wrap the paper around the present to check sizes before trimming, cutting it so that it only overlaps around the middle by a few centimetres, and so that when folded over at the ends it extends only just over half way. This will ensure neat ends and smooth lines.
  • Do something a bit different – cut your own quirky tags to give your wrapping a personal touch.
  • Finishing touches – use a fresh flower attached with some ribbon to add a feminine touch to your wrapped gift.

Happy wrapping!


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