Branching out

jasonWoodlandTrustDecember 2010

The first snow of winter had just fallen and the ground was frozen, but last week 21 members of our HR team bravely ventured out into the (very) fresh air with one intention – to go plant some trees.

Heartwood Forest, near Sandridge, St Albans, is destined to become an 850 acre wood in just 12 years, which will make it the largest new forest of native trees in England. Volunteers from all over the country, and beyond, regularly pitch in to help create what will be an amazing area of woodland.

Well, it was a bit nippy, but the sun was in the sky and our resolve was bolstered by bacon butties and coffee. We headed out to the future Ocado forest and were shown how to plant a tree… then we were handed spades. Two hours later we had managed to plant 1,450 trees!

At this point, special mention must go to Digger Darren and his Ocado Optimists team who achieved a record 185 trees between them. And Mike Smith deserves recognition for the most amount of time spent on his knees – each and every one of his trees was carefully nestled into the English countryside.

If you’re interested in grabbing a spade and helping out with some tree planting yourself, there’s a family day on 11th December. It’s free and great fun, honest! You can find out more here.

Serena Lydon
Head of Employee Engagement and Communications