Kids in the kitchen

rootcampRoot Camp

Root Camp is a (literally) groundbreaking field-to-fork venture for 15-21 year-olds, and we’re proud to support it.

On this hands-on cookery course, youngsters learn about everything from farming and sourcing to cooking for others, and the whole process is taught in a fun and creative environment.

The aim is to turn up the heat on your kid’s culinary enthusiasm, to inspire them, and to help give them the skills for leading an independent life.

Activities include foraging, harvesting and fishing; debates and guest speakers; and learning to cook delicious, nourishing food – from bread to soups and sauces. The course counts towards The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award too.

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Bookings are open for this summer’s camps – 15th-20th July and 22nd-27th July – and you can find more information about them on the website:

Happy camping!