12 drinks of Christmas – The Gin Martini

A definite contender for the ‘king of cocktails’ title, we’re half way through our series and onto the classic Gin Martini.


  • 60ml gin
  • 10ml vermouth

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Guest post: Katherine from Natoora – the beauty of bergamot

Bergamot Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

It was love at first taste for us at Natoora when we first sourced the beautifully floral bergamot fruit. We had uncovered a phenomenal citrus fruit, which at the time was used almost exclusively in essence form only (particularly known for flavouring Earl Grey tea). Now, in our fifth season, it is in widespread use in the professional kitchens we supply across the country, and through Ocado, an exciting new ingredient for home cooks to experiment with too.

Bergamot and Lemon Curd

We work with a consortium of growers, which guarantees that the bergamots we source are grown in the calcareous clay soil of the Ionian peninsula. Their flavour is one of a kind – intense, sour but floral, alluringly versatile.

Bergamot Spelt Cookies

The best way to get to know the bergamot is perhaps to try using it in place of lemon. It works incredibly well in savoury dishes involving fish and bitter salads, it will liven up any fruit salad, and also works wonderfully in creamy desserts and cakes.

One of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to try bergamot is simply popped in a good G&T. It will transform it into something out of this world…

Bergamot Mint Gin Tonic

We also love it used in place of lemon in cakes and desserts, or to add a twist to a classic Victoria Sponge

Victoria Sponge with Bergamot Curd and Mascarpone Cream Filling

Hop you enjoy it as much as we do!

Katherine, Natoora

Discover more ideas for using bergamot, plus other great Natoora dishes, over on our Recipes section.

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