Footy fans go foodie

It may not be as sunny here as in South Africa (sadly!), but it looks like that hasn’t stopped us all getting an authentic slice of the action.

Before the footy kicked off, South African food was a bit of an enigma – no one really knew much about it. Now though, we’re pleased to report, we all seem to be tucking into the cuisine with gusto. Sales of biltong have rocketed up 80% in the last month, and chutney is up by 49%

The laidback nature of South African food lends itself well to relaxed summer gatherings – think barbecues (braais), spiced stews and lots of fresh salsas. And to wash it all down, of course it has to be a glass of South African wine – sales up by 46%

If you fancy having a go yourself, we’ve got a few ideas worth trying out in our Recipe section –