NOW EXPIRED: FREE Ravenhill apples with your next shop

UPDATE: Sorry, the apples have all been picked. Please keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway. (Don’t worry, it’s coming soon.)Ravenhill’s English apples are grown by the 2015 UK Top Fruit Grower of the Year. We love them so much, we’ve teamed up with Ravenhill to give away 500 packs of four for FREE (how do you like them apples?).

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It’s Bramley Apple Week. Sweet! (or savoury)

Today marks the beginning of Bramley Apple Week.

To celebrate I’ve picked out two recipes that perfectly demonstrate the versatility and all-round awesomeness of the brilliant Bramley – and I’ve also put together a Bramley Bundle Deal

Picking just two recipes was harder than I thought. Do I go for a delicious turnover, a classic apple sauce perhaps, what about apple crumble, apple muffin, apple chutney, apple salad, apple Danish…

Then the team got tired of me talking about Bramley recipes and I had to choose. I went for one sweet and one savoury, so if you like apples you’ll love these recipes.

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