iOS FAQs for iPhone and iPad

The app crashes when I try to open it – what should I do?

Simply restart your device: hold down the power button and then ‘Slide to power off’.

This issue is caused by a bug affecting certain iOS apps – including Version 2.65 of our app – which causes some apps to crash when they are opened.

Why does the price of a product sometimes change when I put it in my trolley?
This is to make sure the price is accurate. When you’re shopping, the product price you see is what’s stored on your iOS device. When you add a product to your trolley, and when you check out, the app syncs automatically and updates any prices that may have changed.

Only syncing prices for products once they’re in your trolley keeps the app running smoothly. There are tens of thousands of products in the Ocado catalogue, syncing them all simultaneously could slow the app down.

Why has the price of my delivery slot changed?
When you’re first choosing a delivery slot on Ocado on the Go you’ll see prices for orders over £75. When you’ve selected a slot, and when you check out, you’ll see a full description of the price. For example: ‘Charge: £5.99 (£3.99 for orders over £75.00)’.

Why does the app download a lot of data during installation?
This is so you can shop when you’re offline, or when you’re on a poor network connection. When you first install the app, it downloads information about the tens of thousands of products in our catalogue directly to your iOS device – this means you can shop whenever you like, even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Do I have to go to the main website to check out an order?
Nope – you can do your whole shop directly from the app.

If it’s your first time shopping with us, for security reasons we’ll ask you to add your payment details to our website. But as soon as you’ve added your info, you’ll be able to shop anytime, anywhere with Ocado on the Go.

What is ‘Express checkout’?
Express checkout allows you to check out without being asked to enter a password or QuickPIN. We recommend only using Express checkout if you’re shopping on a personal iOS device with a passcode enabled.

I can’t see the ‘One-Click’ button – why is this?
You might have the option turned off. Go to the Settings page to turn on One-Click additions.

If you’ve already turned on One-Click additions, but you can’t see the button when you have an upcoming order, you might not be able to edit it as it’s past the order’s cut-off time. Keep an eye on your email: every time you place an order we’ll send you a reminder of when your cut-off time is.

How can I get to the shop, checkout or trolley without going back to the home screen?
Simply tap the shop, trolley or checkout buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Can I shop in landscape view on the iPad app?
Sure, simply rotate your iPad to shop in landscape mode.

Can I request a refund through the app?
Of course. Just like, if you’ve had an order delivered in the past 24 hours and there’s an issue with something in your delivery, you can request a refund. Simply find the order page and select the ‘Refund’ button. This will lead you through the refund request process.

How can I change the way products are displayed?
Tap the grid icon in the top right of the screen to change how products are displayed.

Why can I only see detailed product info when I’m online?
What we call ‘Front of pack’ info – product names and prices – is downloaded automatically when you install the app. Detailed product information (‘Back of pack’) is only viewable when you’re online. This reduces installation time and saves storage space on your iOS device.

However, you can choose to download Back of pack info, if you like. In the app Settings, select the ‘Catalogue type’ option, then select ‘Complete’ to sync all product info.

Please note: choosing to include all Back of pack information will double the amount of data being synced, so we recommend only doing this over Wi-Fi or if you have an unlimited data plan.

Do I have to complete a shop in one go?
No, we wouldn’t want you to rush. Your trolley is saved when you exit the app, ready for your return. If you’re online, your trolley will also be synced with, so you can continue your shop from your computer.

Will secure information about my Ocado account be held on my iOS device?
Definitely not. We never store any secure information like your password or QuickPIN in the app. That’s why we always ask you for this information at check out, or when you’re booking a delivery slot.

Do I need to log out when I’ve finished shopping?
We’ll ask you to enter your password or QuickPIN before you perform any secure operation, such as booking a delivery slot or checking out, so it’s safe to stay logged in all the time.

Why don’t images appear immediately when I view a list of products?
To reduce installation time and save storage space on your iOS device, images are not downloaded as part of the catalogue when you first install the app. Instead, they’re only downloaded if and when they’re required.

So, when you view a list of products for the first time, the app will automatically download the images for those products. The images are then stored on your iOS device for future use.

The app seems to sync the catalogue in the background quite a lot. Why does this happen, and can I turn it off?
When you first install the app, it downloads information about our catalogue directly to your iOS device. Then, as you’re shopping, the app performs quick background checks to make sure all the product info is present and correct. You’ll see a notification during the update, but it won’t necessarily be a large data transfer.

If you’re on a limited data plan, you can change your preferences so the app only ever syncs over Wi-Fi. Simply go to the Settings menu, select ‘Catalogue download preference’, then choose ‘Wireless only’. Don’t worry – you’ll still be able to do your full shop on a mobile network.

How do I add or remove products from the trolley using Voiceover?
When you’ve selected a product, simply swipe up or down to add or remove it from the trolley. If this doesn’t work, try turning two fingers in a circular motion until the ‘Adjust Value’ setting is selected. Now swipe up or down to add or remove products.

Who can I contact if I’m having problems with the app, or if I have any suggestions for it?
You can get in touch with us directly through the ‘Need help?’ section of the Settings menu, or you can send us an email at If you’d like to speak to someone, call us on 0345 656 1234 – we’re here 8am to 11pm every day of the week.

Still have questions? Take a look at our full FAQs.

486 thoughts on “iOS FAQs for iPhone and iPad

    • We haven’t got an option to do this on our app or website at the moment, but we will certainly pass on your feedback to our IT and Webshop team for their consideration. Thank you Ian!

    • Downloaded the latest version because the search facility had stopped working (didn’t find anything) but the new version crashes on opening. I have made sure the app is no longer running in the background and I have switched my phone off and on but it still happens. Please help!

      • We are sorry you are having such trouble with our app. Something that may possibly help is if you uninstall and resinstall the app. If this does not work please give us a call on 0345 656 1234, email us at or contact us on Live Chat and we can try and sort this out for you.-Alex

  1. “The app cannot connect to Ocado”. Repeatedly. For months. Sometimes it sporadically connects, then drops out again minutes later. Why? Are you addressing this bug? All other apps connect fine, it’s not my wifi.! The app used to work perfectly, then stopped working after an update.

  2. Hi,
    I deleted the app and re-installed it. The product descriptions are available now. Strange how it occured as there have been a couple of app updates since it occured and those didn’t seem to fix it until I carried out the delete and reinstall!

    • Hi Andrew. We are sorry to hear you are having some trouble logging into your account. If you could give us a call on 03456561234 or send us an email to, we would be more than happy to help. -Steph

  3. Hi, when I try to book a delivery slot it keeps saying it cannot book at this time, so I go back to the homepage and refresh and it has booked the slot? -Taylor

    • Hi Stacey, this sounds very unusual, we’re sorry you’re experiencing this problem. So that we can locate your account and attempt to re-create the problem, please can you email us at or call us on 0345 656 1234 so we can locate your account?

      • Dear Stacey White-Rose
        My wife and I are having the same difficulty, did you get the situation resolved?
        Thank you for your help.
        Derek Cassells

      • Hi there – can you contact us if there is an issue and we’ll take a look for you? Apologies in the meantime. Our number is 034565651234, or you can come through on Live Chat – June

  4. App and iPhone up to date but the app keeps freeing /crashing. Takes several attempts to get it working again. Only been happening since approx 1 May

    • We do apologise for the trouble Stephanie. If you wouldn’t mind giving us a call on 0345 656 1234 or sending us an email to we can try to take a closer look at this for you.

      • Ok, there is no more information to email/say than I’ve given here though?!

      • If you can provide by phone or email the registered email & postcode on your account, our Customer Service team will be able to locate your account and look into this issue for you. -Taylor

      • The app is freezing on my phone – surely it’s the app software? Knowing min email or phone number won’t help that? For issues with the app you’re directed here from the App Store. That needs amending if this isn’t the right place.

      • We need to know your registered email address and postcode to look into the matter for you, you have been directed here as this is a great way to contact us, however you do also have the option of calling in, sending us an email or messaging us on Live Chat via the website. Our IT team are not aware of any issues with the app, nor have we had any similar reports. We’ll need to your details to help resolve this matter, without we have nothing to look into unfortunately. Please kindly get in touch to provide these. -Anna

    • Hi Leanne. At Ocado, we always take payment for your shopping after it’s been delivered. As the order is processed we will pre-authorise an estimate amount of your order including a little extra for bags. Once the final amount is charged, we cancel the pre-authorisation initially requested. We then release that money back to you, depending on the bank it may release straight away, though some banks take up to two working days. Hope this helps! -Victoria

    • Hi Adetutu! Unfortunately, as we do not have any stores, it’s not possible for us to facilitate a Click and Collect option. We’re sorry for any disappointment caused. -Kelly

    • We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulty downloading a recent update for the Ocado app. Please can you call or email us so we can locate your account and look into this with our mobile developers? Our Customer Service team can be reached on 0345 656 1234 or -Taylor

  5. Latest update won’t update, says “this item is no longer available” whenever I try to update it.
    Yet it’s been saying for days needs updating!
    Sort it out

    • Hi Selena. Sorry to hear this, you find the QuickPin in your settings but do feel free to email us at or open up a LiveChat on our website so that we can assist if it’s not being recognised. – Christian.

  6. This version is a disaster. It uninstalled itself from my phone home screen. Now I can only open it by going to the App Store every time. Waste of time. Why?

    • We’re sorry to hear this Chandra, that certainly isn’t the intention. So that we can look into this for you with our Mobile Development team, please may we ask you to call our Customer Service team on 0345 656 1234, or email us at -Taylor

    • Hello Lizzy. Unfortunately we do not have this option available on our app at the moment, but we will certainly pass this over to our team to see if this is something we can amend for the future. -Megan

    • Hi Aimee. We can certainly feedback regarding this and we’d advise contacting your service provider also to ensure your handset is running ok. – Christian.

    • Hi Lisa. We are sorry to hear of the trouble with the app! Can we check if you have completed all pending updates for the app? -Kelly

  7. Hi. This section is now out of date “Why does the app download a lot of data during installation?”. Please check internally for the right update.

  8. The app used to work well. I recently changed my phone to an iPhone 8. Now the app doesn’t have access to the camera It pops up a message saying go to settings , camera but the app is not listed there so I can’t give access permission. Have deleted the app and reinstalled but still the same. How do I get it working again.


    • Hello John. We do apologise for the trouble! We’d advise to click on ‘Settings’ > Scroll down till you see your apps > Find the Ocado app (instead of Camera app) > Slide the option along to enable ‘Camera’. We hope this helps, but please do get back in touch if you have any further trouble. -Megan

    • We’re sorry to hear of the trouble, Peter! So we can take a look into this as hopefully resolve this with the help of our IT Team, can you get in touch with our Customer Service Team on 0345 656 1234 or email Alternatively, you can open up a live chat on the website. -Kelly

  9. Hi app developer,
    Can you pls make it possible for users to have the facility to zoom in/out , ie enlarge texts for us who are of limited vision. At the moment, I find it difficult to place an order esp with your fine print… if only you could make it easier for people like me, that would be greatly appreciated! Reach out for the oldies…. Many thanks!


    • Thank you for the suggestion, John. Certainly a good one. Could we ask you to get in touch with our Customer Service Team on 0345 656 1234 or email and we can feedback to the relevant team. – Christian

    • Hi Claire, we are sorry to hear this, it sounds like your phone isn’t allowed to access the camera, this should be accessible through your phone settings to adjust this. – Rebecca.

    • Hi Gavin. Sorry to hear this. Can you confirm if you have tried to delete the app, clear all history/cookies on your device then download it again to see if this helps? – Meg

    • Hello, if you are receiving any error messages,and have cleared the cache and ensured you are using the newest version. I would advise you contact our customer service team to assist you with this, you can call us on 0345 656 1234, email at or speak to our live chat team. – Rebecca

    • Hi Laura, thank you, we are aware of this and our IT team are working on fixing this as soon as they can, please do use the website as this will mirror the app, thank you again.

  10. Can we update the basket on two separate devices; I.e one account – but both myself and my wife will add items as we go along from our respective phones?

    • Hello Faisal, yes, as long as you are both logged into the same account you can update the basket on different devices however, you will not be able to be logged in at the same time. – Rebecca

  11. My app is constantly crashing saying not connected to the internet.
    I’m definitely connected.
    I have deleted the app and reinstalled but now I can’t even login.
    Please can you advise a solution.

  12. The app just won’t connect. I can’t search for items. I can’t view my favourites list. The whole thing is dead. I thought this might be related to the latest version based on latest reviews so I haven’t updated it. But nothing is working. I need to amend a scheduled order and I can’t even do this on the desktop / web version. What is going on? I can’t even get through to customer support – the line is constantly engaged.

  13. The App no longer works – says it can’t connect. Website (and all other apps) work fine. Looking on App Store, lots of other people have the same issue. Please fix it!

    • Rebooting the phone hasn’t helped. The desktop site is still not allowing me to edit my order.
      There is a fundamental IT infrastructure issue at Ocado. I have not updated the app to the latest version and it has worked fine until the last few days.

      • Our app is down for maintenance please try using a browser, we are working on fixing the recent issues as this should be resolved within the next 48 hours.

      • As already mentioned the desktop site is also not working (this is also known as a ‘browser’).
        I cannot retrieve / edit my order on the browser.
        I can’t use one click on the browser.
        I can’t use the app to edit my order.
        So app and desktop browser are both unavailable.
        Extremely poor for a supposedly premium service.
        I appreciate you’re busy with lots of orders but to not have the fundamental IT infrastructure in place to support your business is going to be your downfall.
        It’s going to be Waitrose for me from now on.

      • We’re sorry again for the trouble Miranda. Our website is up and running but it may be a bit on the slow side due to continued high demand. We’d ask you to please be patient with it. – Claire G

  14. App says can’t connect and check in internet which I am and other apps are working lols like ocado is of line? Is it due to weight of traffic?

    • Due to performance issues driven by continued high demand, we have decided to take our app offline for the time being. We are using this time to improve our infrastructure so that we can return to our normal service levels. Please use our website instead in the meantime. – Claire G

  15. Made my first online Ocado purchase yesterday due for delivery later. Downloaded the app. I keep getting the message to close app as needs internet connection (which I have!). Have restarted phone, cleared cookies, deleted and reinstalled app all to no avail. Will delete permanently if not resolved as doesn’t work!

    • I’ve just re-tried to edit my order on the desktop / browser version and it worked. So for now that seems to be the only option. The App is kaput for now.

    • Due to performance issues driven by continued high demand, we have decided to take our app offline, for the time being, We are using this time to improve our infrastructure so that we can return to our normal service levels, please use the website in the meantime.

  16. I have an order booked on Tuesday that I urgently need to edit but every time I try it say Can’t connect to Ocado. I’ve been trying all day.
    I understand from looking online that the site is down but I still urgently need to edit my order as it was based on a party that we have now cancelled so I need to delete some items and add others. Please help.

    • Hi – I was able to edit my order today using my laptop on the normal Ocado web site.
      The app just doesn’t work at the moment. I tried at 3am this morning and still didn’t connect – so not an issue with ‘too much traffic’ – it’s a problem with the actual app / Ocado I.T. Systems.
      Try the web version on your phone if you don’t have a laptop or tablet you can use.

      • Due to performance issues driven by continued high demand, we have decided to take our app offline, for the time being, We are using this time to improve our infrastructure so that we can return to our normal service levels, please use the website in the meantime.

    • Due to performance issues driven by continued high demand, we have decided to take our app offline, for the time being, We are using this time to improve our infrastructure so that we can return to our normal service levels, please use the website in the meantime.

  17. The recent update 2.157 of the iOS app is really struggling on my iphone 8. Seems to be unable to connect to the internet most of the time. Get error messages when searching for products or delivery slots. When it does connect search results are incomplete. Really annoying, have had to revert to the website which has limited functionality.

    • We’re sorry for any trouble with this Helen. Due to performance issues driven by continued high demand, we have decided to take our app offline for the time being. We are using this time to improve our infrastructure so that we can return to our normal service levels. Please use the website instead in the meantime. – Claire G

      • Team Ocado; it looks very silly to simply post the same message over and over again. Why not come up with a way to help people instead?

  18. When I try to use my ocado app to place an order it either tells me there is an error try later or it tells me I am off line which am not?? I have done as suggested and turned my device off but nothing changes when I turn it back on and yours is the only problem I am having, all other apps arefine?
    Please advise

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