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BAG RECYCLING: We’re collecting bags from 8th March

Over the past few months, we’re sure you’ve learned to do some pretty interesting things with all your leftover bags. Your Ocado carrier bags can even be turned into little samosas for easier storage.

But you don’t have to hold onto those used carrier bags any longer. From now on, you can put your extra bags into one single bag and they’ll be taken away to be recycled (a maximum of 99 Ocado bags can be refunded per delivery). The process will be led by our experienced drivers who will ensure that the exchange is completely contact-free by placing your bagful into their own outer liner.

We’ll continue to carry on this service over the next few months, starting on 8th March.

Here are the steps that it takes to part with your bags:

  1.  You need to count and bag up your bags in one outer Ocado carrier bag.
  2. Our drivers will bring your delivery to your door. 
  3. The driver will take just one bagful (up to a maximum of 99 bags) per delivery to be recycled. If you have more than one bagful, your driver will collect the other bag(s) on your next delivery.
  4. Please let your driver know how many Ocado bags you are handing back, so we can refund you accurately.
  5. The bags are recycled as part of our closed-loop process.

You can see more about our recycling processes in the video below (please note this was filmed prior to any covid-19 cautionary measures). By recycling your bags, you can make sure that your old bag gets a new lease on life.

Still have more questions? Here are a few of the most common ones we can answer now.

Why are you only collecting one bagful of bags at a time?

We’ve placed a limit on the number of bags collected mainly for our drivers’ protection. When they do collect, they will also cover your filled bag with an outer liner. 

Will you only take Ocado branded bags?

Don’t worry if you have a few other brands’ bags mixed in there. We won’t judge! We collect all single-use plastic bags. We will only refund Ocado bags, though.

Have I been charged for my bags and will I get refunded?

You’ve been charged up to 5p per bag that you’ve been given since the summer of 2020. Please let your driver know how many Ocado bags you are handing back so we can refund you for that amount. The maximum amount you can be refunded for is 99 Ocado carrier bags per delivery.

Our hope is that this restarted process continues to help you and the environment, all at once. And if it means you save a little space at home too, well, then all the better. We hope to continue this service over the next few months, starting on 8th March.

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