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Top banana: four recipes to use up your leftover bananas

Got a fruit bowl full of overripe bananas but don’t know what to do with them? Turns out you’re not alone. Each year, us Brits throw away a staggering £80 million worth of bananas – that’s, well, bananas.

We’ve brought together a bunch of quick and easy recipes (that aren’t bread-related) to help you put your bananas to good use – from sweet, tropical pancakes to savoury, Thai-style fritters (with not a banana bread in sight).

Banana Chutney

Give this a chance; we’re confident you won’t regret it. Great in a ham sandwich and with roast meats, burgers and hotdogs.

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Banana Pancakes with Passionfruit Curd

Past-their-best bananas will add delicious sweetness to your pancake batter. Top with passionfruit curd for a tropical twist.

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Sesame-and-Coconut-Dipped Banana Fritters

This simple gluten and dairy-free dessert is inspired by Thai street food. Pan-fry, or bake if you have a bit more time.

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Raspberry Banana ‘Ice Cream’

When there’s no way you’ll use those bananas in time, peel, chop and freeze. Then use in smoothies or whizz into this pink pud.

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