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Table Manners: Two new recipes from Jessie and Lennie Ware

When we think of Britain’s most-loved food pairings we think of the classics – bangers with mash and fish and chips. Has the time come to shake up traditional flavour combinations?

We asked Niki Segnit, leading food scientist and author, to find new and unexpected foods that pair perfectly with everyday favourites. She identified miso with chocolate and chicken with marmalade. These may seem like unusual combinations, but based on scientific research around taste, they are examples of perfect chemical food pairings. 

We’re huge fans of Jessie Ware’s food podcast, Table Manners, so we asked her and her mum, Lennie Ware, to create two exciting new recipes based on these intriguing flavour combinations. The results? Marmalade Chicken Thighs and Miso and Chocolate Cookies

Marmalade Chicken Thighs

Sticky sweet marmalade and succulent chicken? Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

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Miso & Chocolate Cookies

This winning combination of salty miso and rich chocolate means you’re unlikely to share these cookies with anyone else.

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