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Save time with these hassle-free One-pot wonders

If you’re looking for easy-to-make meals that you can whip up ahead of time – and store in the freezer for later – keep reading. You can cook all these dishes in one big pot, saving on the washing up. Then, just pop them on ice until you need them, and spend more time doing the things you love.

Chicken, Sausage and Apple Cider Stew

A classic companion to sausages, sage adds a deep savoury note to this warming winter dish.

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Cod and Prawn Lasagne with Ricotta and Mozzarella

This lip-smacking lasagne is made up of bubbling layers of fish sauce and creamy spinach filling.

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Fruit Polenta Cobbler

Yep, you can make desserts ahead of time, too.

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Top tips for fail-safe freezing

You’ve got the cooking down – here’s how to freeze your save-for-later delights like a pro. Just so you know, you need to allow all of these one-pot wonders to thaw before reheating them in the oven or microwave.

Wrap and label: Make sure to package all your food up tightly, sealing out as much air as possible to avoid freezer burn. Divide packs of meat and fish into portions. 

Stock up: Freezers function best when almost full – a sliced loaf is a thrifty way to fill a gap.

Open-freezing: A great method for fruit and veg: simply lay pieces out on a lined baking tray to freeze before bagging up. Vegetables should be blanched first then cooled in iced water.

Freezer friends: You’re onto a winner putting this lot in the freezer. Soups, stews and bakes; egg yolks and whites (separate first); grated cheese; raw pastry and bread dough; milk and butter.

Freezer foes: Avoid putting these ones on ice. Salad vegetables; soft herbs; potato pieces (opt for mashed instead); low-fat dairy; un-whipped cream; mayonnaise and emulsions; cooked eggs.

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