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Roast season: four side dish recipes

In the heat of the moment, side dishes can get a little forgotten about. But if you serve overcooked veg or tasteless potatoes, you’re really letting the side down (sorry). Up your roast game with these brilliant sides– though they may even steal the show.

Carrots with Hazelnuts and Brown Butter

Gloriously easy to make and eat – don’t expect any leftovers.

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Creamed Shredded Sprouts

Give sprouts another go with this rich and creamy recipe. The perfect side for a decadent roast. You won’t regret it.

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Crushed Garlic and Thyme Pan Potatoes

A quick, but no less tasty way to rustle up some side spuds for your roast.

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Honey and Marmite Glazed Parsnips s

Haters gonna hate on this one, but if you’re a Marmite lover, it will be an instant hit.

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