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One-Pot Recipes for In-Season Produce

Your recipe is only as good as the ingredients you put in it. And one sure-fire way to make sure you bring out the natural flavours is to buy seasonally. Produce that’s in season, like autumn staples such as squash and carrots, can make for deliciously easy one-pot recipes and more. So sit down, warm up, and let’s savour the ripeness of each seasonal recipe below.

Apple, Pear and Blackberry Amaretti Crumble

The addition of almonds is a great twist on this classic dessert.

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Sausage, Red Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes and Potatoes with Pistachio Pesto

Pops of red and green make this an enticing everyday dish.

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Harissa-Roasted Squash, Carrots and Chickpeas with Lemony Yogurt and Salad Sprouts

This dish is a filling veggie option with a touch of North African heat.

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