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MOB Kitchen leftover recipes for a waste-less Christmas

Those eat-’til-you-can’t-move Christmas feasts are the best, right? What’s not so great are the copious amounts of leftovers you end up with. So, to help you make the most of those fridge-filling bits and pieces, we’ve teamed up with food waste advocates MOB Kitchen. Armed with trusted tips and yummy recipes, you’ll be the boss of leftovers in no-time.

Ultimate Turkey Pho

By Boxing Day, you’ll be ready to eat something a little lighter. This fresh and zesty pho should do the trick.
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Cheeseboard Toastie

Get ready for the easiest, cheesiest cheese toastie ever. Seriously – it’s cheesy.

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Za’atar veg & lentil bowls with tahini yogurt

Enter veggie heaven with this fiery lentil bowl. Topped with nutritious seeds, it’s the post Christmas reset you’ll want & need.

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Halloumi, Brussels Sprout & Sweetcorn Fritters

Salty, sweet and with leftover brussels sprouts from the big day, this dish makes the perfect Boxing Day brunch.

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1. Plan ahead

Get ahead for Christmas by making sure you don’t over-order and end up with an overflowing fridge – plan what you’re actually going to eat. 

2. Compost your waste

Get composting. It’s the best way to avoid having unnecessary bags of food waste. Google will tell you how to get going, without having to order a special compost bin –  though you could still add one to your Christmas list! We hear Santa is really into reducing waste.

3. Use your leftovers

Dare we say that meals made from leftovers are often better than the Christmas dinner itself? Either way, get creative with MOB’s flavour-packed Turkey Pho, or get competitive and see which family member can make the best leftover-sandwich. There are tons of ideas for how to use your leftovers online – and if all else fails, you can always freeze a couple of portions for a rainy day.

4. Recycle your Christmas tree

When buying your Christmas tree, look for one that’s been grown locally so you’re not contributing to transport emissions. Just remember to recycle it when January hits. Most local councils have a service where they can collect and shred your tree for use elsewhere, such as in nearby parks. 

5. Think about your present choices 

While you’re hunting down the ideal present, have a look for options that are environmentally friendly. An experience usually goes down a treat, or you could bake some epic cookies. And if you’re set on buying something, try more conscious gift ideas, like reusable water bottles or keep-cups.

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