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Freshly baked goods make for a sweet smell to fill up the home over the Christmas season. With these heart-warming recipes, you can take in hints of zesty tangerine, spicy cinnamon and ginger for an extra bite. You’ll even find a few classics like gingerbreads and the hearty mince pie to nibble by the firelight.

Gluten-free Christmas Pudding

Serve with pouring cream or, even better, boozy brandy cream.

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Earl Grey Christmas Cake with Cardamom and Brandy Buttercream

If you don’t like icing or marzipan, you can enjoy your Christmas cake unadorned as some do in Yorkshire, with a slice of wensleydale cheese.

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Gingerbread Men

Warm, rich and spicy, there’s a gingerbread for all tastes.

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Clementine and Cranberry Mince Pies

It’s said that for each day you eat a mince pie during the 12 days of Christmas, a month of good luck will be granted in the year to come.

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