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Local heroes: seasonal ingredients rule UK

From carrots to cherries, we love local. That’s why we source all of this produce from UK farms when they are in peak season. We’ve picked out some of our favourite local produce from around the country.

1. Cherries
We have Henry VIII to thank for introducing cherries to British soil. Farming dwindled 20 years ago, but EU subsidies, plus new breeds and techniques, mean UK cherry orchards are thriving again.
Ocado Cherries 200g £2.00 (£10.00 per kg)

2. Spinach 
For many of us, spinach is the staple we toss into salads and stir into soups and sauces. At this time of year you’ll find the glossy leaves popping up at Kent-based Watts Farm. Watts Farms Organic
Washed Spinach 200g £2.50 (£12.50 per kg)

3. Carrots
We’re used to having carrots all year round, but for UK farmers the appearance of their fluffy tops marks the onset of summer. Crunch, grate, roast and bake in cakes.
Natoora British Leafy Carrots 400g £2.00 (£5.00 per kg)

4. Green beans 
Did you know that green beans are ‘nitrogen fixing’ plants and can be used to revive soil? For a quick salad with these clever beans, briefly blanch, cool and toss with walnuts, feta and dressing.
Ocado Green Beans 220g £1.20 (£5.45 per kg)

5. Tomatoes
The Isle of Wight has a sunny micro climate that’s just right for growing tomatoes. Peak season is almost upon us, so enjoy these little gems at their sweetest.
Isle of Wight Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine 500g £3.99 (£7.98 per kg)

6. Asparagus
Let’s talk stalks… what could be better than a tender spear of asparagus with just a simple dab of butter? The UK season is reaching its tail end now, so catch them while you can. 
Ocado Asparagus 250g £2.00 (£8.00 per kg)

7. Fennel
The feathery fronds of this tasty veg are quite beautiful to behold. Eaten raw, it’s fresh, crunchy and aniseedy – just slice into slivers and dress with lemon. When cooked it’s soft, sweet and mellow. 
Fennel 250g £1.20 (£0.48 per 100g)

8. Pak choi 
This leafy green is made for stir-fries and steaming. It’s a Chinese vegetable related to the cabbage, but it grows well in UK soils. It’s a great match for Asian flavours such as ginger, garlic and soy sauce.
Pak Choi 250g £1.40 (£5.60 per kg)

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