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How to make and decorate rainbow cakes

If you’re a fan of rainbow colours in your baking, this article is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We’re celebrating the iconic rainbow cake and brilliant ways to add delightful rainbow decoration to your cakes, cupcakes and other baked treats. Don’t forget you can. shop the Dr Oetker range of rainbow accessories, in our home-baking shop!

Rainbow Ombre Buttercream Cake

Ombre means ‘shaded’ in French and is the gradual blending of one colour hue into another.  An ombre cake usually consists of either sponge, buttercream, or both, graduating through a colour. The rainbow cake is the perfect way to showcase these skills. This stunning ombre buttercream cake is the ideal centerpiece for any celebration. It’s a guaranteed showstopper and surefire way to get your guests talking. Colourful, sprinkle-covered and expertly crafted, it’s also very Instagrammable, so don’t forget to tag us – @ocadouk – we would love to see your creations! One of the best things about this rainbow cake is the moment of slicing, all those colourful layers, expertly crafted. And it tastes fantastic too, creamy soft and full of vanilla flavour. A rainbow cake takes three hours to make, and that’s including the two hours of prep, and it makes about 15-18 servings. The good news is your cake will keep for up to three days stored in an airtight container, so that’s your afternoon snack sorted for most of the week. Get the rainbow cake recipe here.

Rainbow Biscuits

Rainbow biscuits are easy to make and ready in just two hours making them a perfect bake to try with kids. They’re also a brilliant baking idea if you’re planning a party spread as they add colour and character to any party platter. Also great with a cup of tea for elevenses or to take into the office to impress your colleagues. Get the rainbow biscuits recipe here (It makes 16 biscuits so plenty for everyone to try!).

Rainbow Chocolate Bark

If you love rainbows and chocolate, you are barking up the right recipe tree with this one. It’s easy, and really quick, to make, adds lots of character to home bakes, and is made from chocolate! Ready in just half an hour, making bark is a perfect creative afternoon activity for kids who love baking. You can colour your chocolate with any combination of colour gels, so express yourself and create your unique design. It’s a great way to decorate cakes and cupcakes alike, which makes it a really useful skill to add to your baking arsenal. Once you’ve finished, you can break it into shards and store your chocolate bark in the fridge. Have a go at making your own, get the rainbow bark recipe here!

And so we come to the end of our rainbow cake feature, the only thing for us left to do is wish you luck. You’ll find everything you need, and lots of things that’ll give you baking inspiration too, in our home baking aisle on ocado.com.


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