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Happy birthday to us: for we’re a jolly own-label

We’re passionate about bringing you the best food at the best prices – that’s why we started Ocado own-label.

Ten years (and hundreds of products) later, we think it’s the best it’s ever been. To celebrate this special birthday, here are the ten loveliest reviews you’ve left for our own-label. 

1. Ocado Baby Plum Tomatoes

“These are so tasty – sweet, crunchy and full of flavour – I have to stop myself eating the whole punnet in one go!” 

2. Ocado Mature Cheddar

“An excellent mature cheddar cheese. A little goes a long way due to its intense flavour. Love a good cheddar and this one is up there.” 

3. Ocado Wild Rocket

“Excellent quality with a punchy, peppery taste. Would choose this over other brands for great value and quality.” 

4. Ocado Free-From Margherita Pizza

“Having tried the rest, this one’s surely the best. It’s crispy around the edges and doesn’t get a soggy bottom. Great price point too! Well done Ocado!” 

5. Ocado Baby Potatoes

“Taste the way I remember Jersey Royals tasting when I was a kid.” 

6. Ocado Gold 4 Quarter Pounder Angus Beef Burgers 

“Best burger patties, period. Really meaty flavour, great quality – what I’d expect from a butcher (if not better). Added to favourites now!” 

7. Ocado Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

“Lovely taste and texture. Finished quickly, so will be adding more to our next shop!” 

8. Ocado Houmous

“One day I’ll get to sample this, it vanishes from my fridge as fast as it appears! Son tells me it’s delicious.” 

9. Ocado Chia Seeds

“As good as any other chia seeds I’ve tried and amazing value! About half the price of the ones at my local health food shop.”

10. Ocado Shallots

“Lovely small, firm and aromatic shallots! Would definitely buy them again!”

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