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Five flexitarian meals for your week ahead

We’ve got your weeknight meals sorted. Here are five flexible vegan meals you can adapt easily – whether it’s veggie, fish or meat day. 

Vegan Ramen

A fragrant and nourishing vegan ramen recipe you can switch up on your veggie or meat day.

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Spinach and ‘Ricotta’ Filled Giant Pasta Shells in Tomato Sauce

Enjoy this inventive vegan pasta recipe as is – alternatively, give it a meat or dairy twist.

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Twice-baked Aubergine with Pilaf

An aromatic vegan recipe that celebrates the glorious aubergine. If you’re craving cheese or meat it’s easy to add them in too.

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Crispy, Spicy Tofu Tacos with Black Beans and Avocado

We bet this will become a mid-week regular – it’s the perfect vegan recipe, but works just as well with fish, meat or cheese taco toppings.

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Tempeh Stuffed Peppers

Swap tempeh for chorizo and top with grated Manchego if you’d rather go all out carnivore.

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