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British Pie Week Recipes

Pies are one of the most definitively British foods around. And the best part is – you can tailor your pie to your exact tastes. We’re bringing you several exclusive ways to celebrate British Pie Week, courtesy of chef Calum Franklin, author of ‘The Pie Room’. Enjoy!

Minced Beef, Cheese and Caramelised Onion Pie

The carmelised onions inside this classic pie give it a rich, delicious centre.

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Smoked Haddock and Cauliflower Cheese Pasties

For something a little smaller than a standard pie, these fish-filled pasties will do quite nicely.

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Moroccan-Spiced Squash, Spinach and Feta Pie

What pie list would be complete without a veggie option? And what a veggie option it is.

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How to make a shortcrust pastry

Go back to basics with this shortcrust pastry recipe that will have you rolling in the dough.

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