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Baking with Lisa

As more uncertainty about lockdown looms, we caught up with cook, author and Ocado brand ambassador Lisa Faulkner to see how she was getting through it – SPOILER ALERT: it involves cooking.

Remember what’s important – “When you’re not rushing around you realise what is important… spending time with my daughter, walking, having that time to chat and really look after each other. Just sitting down and having coffee with my husband John [Torode].”

Try to eat as a family – “Every evening and lunchtime we ate together as a family. It really got us through, the feeling of being together. And me and John filmed a recipe a day, just so we could feel like we were helping in some tiny way. 

Have fun – “On our six-month wedding anniversary I decided to dust off my dress and spend the day in it, doing our cooking and cleaning. I had to think of something to do to cheer myself up. The dress actually fitted even though lockdown made it tight!”

Food helps – “Food became a marker of different parts of the day, so it became important. Food is all about memories and making you feel safe and warm and loved – at the beginning of lockdown all healthy eating went out the window and we were baking cakes and making things that felt like a great big hug. And generally, having to stay inside has made people realise, “wow I can actually cook things.” It doesn’t have to be a great big showstopper, it can just be something simple.”

These are a few of Lisa’s go-to Lockdown dishes.

Indulgent chocolate cake

This cake is decadent, but really easy.

Get the recipe >

Cheddar and rosemary soda bread

A very easy & delicious bread

Get the recipe >

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