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Bake Off Brilliance: Percy Pig Fudge

Ever imagined yourself on Bake Off? With this M&S-inspired recipe developed by tastemade, you can’t help but ‘pig out’ in the sweetest, Percy-est way possible

Makes 16 Total Time  15 mins + 3 Hours Chilling Time


  • 350g dark chocolate (70%), roughly chopped
  • 1 can condensed milk (approx 397g)
  • 55g unsalted butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 100g Ocado almonds, roughly chopped/sliced
  • 1 packet M&S Percy Pigs, 16 whole (dice the remaining sweets)


  1. Line an 8” x 8” baking pan with parchment paper and set aside ready to pour the fudge into.
  2. In a heatproof glass bowl, set over a saucepan of simmering water, add the chocolate, condensed milk and butter. Melt over a gentle heat until glossy, stirring regularly (approx 6-8 minutes). 
  3. When it begins to thicken, remove from the heat. Add the vanilla essence, chopped almonds and diced Percy Pigs, then stir well.
  4. Transfer mixture into the lined baking tin and smooth over. 
  5. Top with 16 Percy Pigs. Place into the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours to set. 

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