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How to style a merry and bright Christmas tree

’Tis the time of the year to dust off those baubles and wrestle with tangled fairy lights. But if 2020 is the year your decorations need a refresh, you’ll love our ideas below. Get crafty – recycle, reuse or forage and bring in the festive cheer with DIY decorations. Or, if you’re short on time, scroll down to find our top picks of edible and decorative ornaments – for a wonderfully merry and bright Christmas tree. 

Easy DIY decorations

Toilet roll snowflakes

These snowflakes are a great way to recycle your loo rolls – you’ll need eight in total for each snowflake.  

  1. Flatten a couple of toilet rolls so they become rectangular in shape. 
  2. Use scissors to cut them into strips about 1–2cm wide (starting from the short end). 
  3. Fold four of the strips in half so they look like small pairs of wings. 
  4. Then arrange all eight pieces – which can be opened into almond shapes – in a circle to create a snowflake formation, alternating between folded and unfolded. 
  5. Glue the pieces together where they meet at the centre, using double-sided tape or PVA. 
  6. It may help to use clothes pegs to hold them in place while the glue dries. 
  7. Once assembled, paint the snowflake with white paint and decorate with glitter.

Twig Christmas trees

Twig Christmas trees are fun and easy to make, using materials found in the garden or park. 

  1. Collect twigs and break them into different lengths, ranging from an inch to about 4 inches long. 
  2. Using a glue like PVA to attach the twigs horizontally across a lollipop stick, putting the shortest at the top and the longest at the bottom to create a triangle or tree shape. 
  3. Find something to represent a star for the top of the tree and decorate the twigs by sticking on beads. 

Paper ‘baubles’

These snowflakes are a great way to recycle your loo rolls – you’ll need eight in total for each snowflake.  

  1. Take some thin card in any colour of your choice, then draw simple Christmas shapes  wreaths, stars or bells. 
  2. Draw a smaller version of the same shape inside your initial outline. You can use cookie cutters as a template or just draw the shapes freehand. 
  3. Cut out the shapes but also cut away the middle area so you are left with the outside frame.
  4. This can be painted, coloured in with pens or crayons, decorated with buttons, sequins, stickers and washi tape. 
  5. Using tape, attach a loop of ribbon to the reverse side at the top so it can be hung on the tree.

Proud of the decoration you’ve made? Share your creations on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by tagging @Ocadouk and using the hashtag #SustainabiliTree. Full details can be found here.

Our top Christmas tree decorations

Coloured Glass Rainbow Tree Decoration

A beautiful, shimmering glass rainbow – a symbol of 2020 and a festive decoration ready to hang anywhere.

Felt So Good Totem Pole Cactus Striped with Garland Tree Decoration 

Break from tradition and decorate your tree with this fun hanging cacti. Handmade in Nepal, using a combination of needle felting and hand-stitched embroidery.

Glass Bauble Santa Face Tree Decoration 

Keeping with the red and green theme? Add a cheery Santa face to your tree with this playful glass bauble.

10cm Glass Ring Doughnut 

Homer Simpson, eat your heart out! A decoration to make your mouth water, even if it’s not a mince pie or Christmas pudding.

10cm Silver Mirror Ball Tree Decoration 

The perfect decoration if you’re missing nights out – any excuse to dance around the tree, singing loudly.

Felt So Good Good Old Santa Tree Decoration

No tree is complete without a Santa decoration. We love this woollen Santa, with hand-stitched detailing and a faux fur effect beard.

Sass & Belle Girl Power Lightning Bolt Tree Decoration

If your tree is all about bold and bright colours, you’ll need this clashing, glittery, red and pink Sass & Belle bauble.

Felt So Good Perez The Poodle Tree Decoration

Liven up your tree with this bright pink, permed pooch – made from biodegradable, sustainable materials.

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