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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Father’s Day, but not as we know it.

It’s almost 21st June and this Father’s Day will be like no other – for some families that will mean no taking him out to his favourite restaurant and no bear hugs. Surely we’ll all look back on this next year and appreciate time with our families so much more. 

Here are some fun ways to show Dad how much you care during lockdown…

Cook together

As you won’t be taking Dad out to his favourite gastro pub for steak, why not cook along together, over a video call? Pick a dish he’ll love, give him time to get the ingredients (don’t forget the wine) and get cooking.

Make him a playlist

Does your dad love music? Why not surprise him with an online playlist of all his favourite tunes. You could include songs that remind you of him, hits from his youth, or even soundtracks from his favourite films.

Share a photo album

If you can’t look through physical photos, create a virtual album. Drop images and videos you think he’ll love into a presentation or document – then present them over a video call.

Watch a film together

Whether it’s The Godfather II, or Airplane – get his favourite film on the telly and video chat at the same time. Just make sure you don’t talk over his favourite scene!

Have a family pub quiz

Get the family together on a video call and let Dad be the quizmaster. Or, why not make the quiz about him? What’s his favourite meal? What was his first car? And, what was that terrible joke he told you all at Christmas?

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