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How You Celebrate a Merry & Bright Christmas

Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own unique way and it’s great fun hearing about different family traditions. That’s why we asked you for your #merrymoment – so we could find out and share the things you love about Christmas.

First off, food. Laura Johnson has it right when she says it’s all about “the festive decorations and delish food!”. So many of our memories are formed around sharing (or not sharing) food at Christmas. Caramel lover Colin Fox told us he’ll “have all the caramels [from his Quality Street box] then take the rest to work.’’ – great tactic Colin. 

Lots of us begin the celebrations on Christmas Eve, including @samanthahood2904 who opts for fish and chips with champagne – an idea we’re tempted to steal. @wh173r0s3s gives and receives “one gift on Christmas Eve” – that would surely get you in the festive spirit! @kathrynmooney419 keeps it cosy with “new pyjamas for Christmas Eve!”. Christmas for @lauraadarnell includes bespoke advent calendars, Christmas PJs and the big family get together on Christmas eve.

What’s the first thing you eat on Christmas day? @amunns33 says “champagne, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Yummy!” whereas @superjenster starts with something sweet – ”chocolate for breakfast!’. Call us greedy, but we like the idea of having both. 

There are so many different traditions we’d like to adopt now we know about them. @sophiegittins told us about tree presents: “one small extra gift to pick off the tree after Christmas or Boxing day dinner.” – let’s face it, you can never have too many presents.  

For @ptobinphoto it’s about “a dunk in the sea and eating Christmas dinner after the Queen’s speech” – brrr, you’ll really deserve that dinner after bracing chilly sea temperatures. For South American, @jazperu, the celebrations begin with dinner on Christmas Eve, followed by panettone and Peruvian hot chocolate. Then at midnight everyone hugs and says Merry Christmas  – that sounds delightful! 

There are double celebrations for @mumma_loves_gin “It’s my birthday so we do Christmas in morning, bday in the afternoon.” – well Merry Birthday and Happy Christmas to you.

Some of us have been feeling Christmassy for a while. @juulia1 says: “Got to throw the Grinch in the race for the best film… I usually watch it at the end of October for the first time,” – we love that. Christmas isn’t Christmas without certain films on repeat.

It’s not too late to share your #merrymoment with us, just tag us @ocadouk and tell us your family Christmas traditions. 

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