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Ocadolife October 2018 ten-minute teaser answers

Have a crack at the foodie puzzle in Ocadolife and check your answers below.


1. Berry used to flavour gin. (7) Juniper

5. This soup is cold! (8) Gazpacho

6. Friendly fungi. (8) Mushroom

8. Turkish pastry made with nuts, honey and filo. (7) Baklava

10. Crispy cheese or bread topping (6) Gratin

12. Fruity drink or pumpkin. (6) Squash

13. Bread for burger. (3) Bun

15. Creamy preserve, usually made with lemon. (4) Curd


2. Orchard Fruit. (4) Pear

3. Home of Greek olives. (8) Kalamata

4. Smoky Spanish sausage. (7) Chorizo

7. Topless pie. (4) Tart

9. Red, green, puy or  beluga (7) Lentils

11. Argentina has made this grape its own. (6) Malbec

14. Seaweed used in sushi. (4) Nori