Ocadolife July-August 2018 ten-minute teaser answers

Have a crack at the foodie puzzle in Ocadolife and check your answers below.


2. A nice glass of fizz (9) CHAMPAGNE

3. Grill for Antipodeans (6) BARBIE

5. Pasta masquerading as rice (4) ORZO

6. We’re nuts about this sauce (5) SATAY

7. Pungent allium (6) GARLIC

9. Italian sausage (6) SALAMI

10. Popular aperitivo (6) APEROL

12. Houmous wouldn’t be the same without it (8) CHICKPEA

14. Ice cream? Ask an Italian (6) GELATO

15. Probiotic drink (5) KEFIR



1. Root veg/cake ingredient (6) CARROT

3. It’s the green part of a caprese salad (5) BASIL

4. Buckwheat noodles (4) SOBA

8. This chilli is smokin’! (8) CHIPOTLE

10. This stone fruit makes a cracking jam (7) APRICOT

11. Choux pastry finger aka the French word for lightning (6) ECLAIR

13. We’ll have ours with crackling (4) PORK

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5 thoughts on “Ocadolife July-August 2018 ten-minute teaser answers

  1. Just wanted to point out, your crossword is incorrect. Where 1 down is Carrot and 3 across is Basil. You have 6 letter spaces for 3 across and it does not contain an R.

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