FREE mochi ice cream with your next shop

UPDATE: sorry everyone, we’re now fresh out of free mochis. Keep an eye out for the next giveaway…

We’ve got a sweet giveaway for you: 300 boxes of Little Moons Mochi Ice Cream to choose from to add to your next order. There are 100 each of the matcha flavour up for grabs!

SM1198 _Little_Moons_Giveaway_twitter_1024x512 (1).png

Made with sticky rice flour, mochi is a chewy cake from Japan and enjoyed throughout Asia. Little Moons makes their delicious treats by wrapping a thin layer of mochi around a scoop of ice cream to create a wonderfully chewy, melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Here’s how to claim your free box:

  • Choose one of the three flavours below and add it to your trolley.
  • Place an order worth £40 or more, for delivery by 19th March.
  • Add the voucher code for your chosen flavour as you check out:

Sorry everyone – we’re all out!


  • We’ll deduct the cost for the first 100 customers to redeem each voucher (please note that only one ice cream voucher can be used per order, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher).


Bea, Marketing Executive and mochi maven

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9 thoughts on “FREE mochi ice cream with your next shop

  1. No. Apparently not for me. I am not eligible according to your website, even though I have a current order in progress, due on Friday March 17

    Not a good idea to make offers which are then not allowed – poor service Ocado, I expect better from you

  2. I wanted the mango one, but it’s expired when I put it into my order. Is it all gone already? I had to choose the coconut one, which works fine.

  3. Just placed an order for delivery 15th March and the order is for nearly £100.00 but a message comes up that I am not eligible. Don’t know what I have to do to be eligible. Very wrong of you to offer something and then take it away for reasons unknown. Come on Ocado not like you. !!!!

    • Had the same problem Maureen. I have spoken with Ocado as really want to know why this has happened. Person I spoke with didnt seem to have much idea either which was not helpful. He has promised to try and find out ! and call me back – will let you know if he comes up with a solution.

      • Hi, I have also emailed Ocado direct via my shopping page and they have said they will respond in 24 hours by which time it will have all gone no doubt. Be interested to hear what you come back with. Good luck.

      • Ocado called me back. Spoke to Phil, who was very helpful. He had looked at my order and tried to add the voucher and had the same problem as me.
        He then decided to try by giving me the ice cream as a purchase and then adding the voucher to cover the cost. This created a completely new order for me, but unfortunately I was then unable to merge this into my existing order.
        In the end he went into my existing order, added the ice cream and then added a credit voucher to cover the cost.
        As you say, the samples have probably all gone by now, but hopefully Ocado should still add one to your order, as you had the same problem as me, and they don’t seem to be able to work out why it happened.

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