La freak, c’est shake

Hurrah, we made it to Friday! Let’s celebrate than something sweet.

Freakshakes are currently taking social media by storm, and are beginning to appear on more UK menus. They look elaborate, but these epic milkshake-dessert hybrids are quite easy to make at home. Read on for our own strawberry shortcake freakshake recipe…


2 scoops vanilla ice cream
2 scoops strawberry ice cream
3 malted milk biscuits, crushed
3–4 strawberries, halved
A dash or two of milk (to get the shake to your preferred consistency)
150ml double cream, whipped
1 heaped tbsp Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream
Wonka Nerds
Sugar Strands (or your favourite sprinkles)
1 Curly Wurly, halved


  1. Spoon the crushed malted milk biscuits into the bottom of a large glass, and press the strawberry halves against the insides of the glass (cut sides facing outwards).
  2. Blend the vanilla ice cream with a dash of milk until smooth, and pour into the glass. Repeat with the strawberry ice cream and another dash of milk.
  3. Dollop the buttercream on top in a rough layer, and pipe the whipped double cream on top to create a tall swirl.
  4. Sprinkle on the sugar strands and Nerds, and finish off with a Curly Wurly half.
  5. Enjoy with a straw (and a spoon).


Let us know your favourite flavour combos! For inspiration, check out our summer ice creams event. What will you blend? Have fun playing around with different flavours and adding your own toppings.

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3 thoughts on “La freak, c’est shake

  1. I’m sorry but this is truly digusting: do we treat ourselves with over processed, calorically dense, nutrient devoid foods to make ourselvees feel better? Our nation’s health tells the story of the consequences of treating ourselves with junk. To truly treat ourselves, let’s instead buy some fresh, seasonal ripe fruit, turn off the tv and spend some quality time with people we care about! Please Ocado, can you raise the bar???

    Thankyou, A concerned customer.

    May all beings be happy and well.

    • Hi Sunny, thanks for getting in touch. We’ll be happy to pass on your feedback to our Marketing team for you. If you could get in touch with us either via phone on 0345 656 1234, email on, through social media or even Live Chat located on our website we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a lovely day.

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