Beat Blue Monday with Propercorn

Falling on the third Monday of the New Year, Blue Monday is officially the saddest day of the year: the excitement from the festivities finally fizzles out and the cold, dark winter gets to us.

As a result, many of us lose motivation, ditch our diets and go back to old habits. Lucy Fry, our Crisps and Snacks buyer, reveals the telling data from…

“We know from annual sales data that week three in January is the time people are most likely to break their diets. Basket trends go from chicken breast, coconut water and kale to crisps, chocolate and wine almost overnight. Crisps sales dropped significantly in the first week of January 2015, but were back to pre-Christmas levels by the third week of the month.”

To prevent this mood crash and sustain a healthy New Year regime, Propercorn have worked with sustainable food delivery start-up, Karma Cans, and Judith Wurtman PhD to develop the “happiest” lunch possible. This recipe for roasted corn, sweet potato noodle and avocado salad with toasted buckwheat dukkah contains ingredients that increase mood-enhancing serotonin, and is designed to be a carefully balanced, nutrient-rich meal.

Alas, we still have a few more frosty days to bear until spring returns. In the meantime, here are Propercorn and Judith’s five top tips to banish the winter blues:


  1. Nourish yourself: food can be a powerful tool to boost your mood and wellbeing. Judith suggests eating 25g of carbohydrates, such as popcorn, to combat the afternoon slump. Making sure you get your ‘daily five’ of fruit and veg will also help prevent seasonal sniffles.
  2. Sleep: mood swings and fatigue from lack of sleep can lead to overeating. Avoid caffeine after 2pm and if your mind won’t switch off, pick up a good book, not the TV remote.
  3. Exercise: try to be as active as possible, particularly throughout the working week, to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga is an especially good way to stretch and relax your muscles.
  4. Drink water: staying hydrated is essential for mental and physical energy.
  5. Take an outdoor break: vitamin D is key. Try getting away from your desk for 10 minutes over lunch, for a dose of fresh air and much-needed natural light.


Above all, don’t beat yourself up if you have the occasional slip-up (it happens to all of us), and don’t forget to look after yourself.

You can do this!

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