Dorset Fish: from fisherman to fridge

Fun fact: sometimes there’s only a matter of hours between a product leaving our supplier and it being delivered to your door. We strive to deliver your groceries as fresh as possible so you can enjoy them at their very best.

Read on to discover how we help Dorset Fish get their products from the sea to your fridge at lightning speed.

Les Lawrence, the owner of Dorset Fish, reveals how speedy the process is:

“Our crab is caught daily by a small group of potters in Dorset, then cooked and handpicked within hours of landing. We don’t pasteurise our crabmeat, so it retains its ‘just-caught’ texture and flavour. We drive it to Ocado late the same night. Fresh crab has a short shelf life of just five days, but Ocado is able to get it to customers faster than any other supermarket. We did approach another leading supermarket but talks fell through when they needed four days to get our crab into stores.”


From the moment our suppliers deliver their fresh products to us, everything is kept in a temperature-controlled environment until it arrives at your home. This unbroken ‘chill chain’ keeps your groceries in peak condition. Combined with a strict ‘first in, first out’ stock rotation, nothing is kept in storage longer than absolutely necessary.

Freshness is at the heart of everything we do. With our unique delivery system, your groceries will always arrive as fresh as possible. We promise.

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