NOW EXPIRED: FREE organic bundle with your next shop

UPDATE: Sorry, all the bundles have been claimed. Look out for our next giveaway.

Aiming to eat natural this month? To help you get into the spirit of Organic September, we’re giving away 500 organic bundles, each with six delicious products worth over £16 altogether.

Find out about the goodies – get some recipe inspiration – and claim yours below.

Ocado Organic British Lamb Mince

Tender and flavourful, try swapping beef mince for lamb in a multitude of recipes. Why not make juicy lamb burgers with a hint of mint?

Wholegood Organic Aubergine

Grilled, fried, stewed or baked, aubergines soak up flavour like sponges. For a simple side slice one thinly, brush with a little garlic oil and char on the grill.

Wholegood Organic Courgettes

Courgettes are just as versatile as aubergines, but the latest craze is to shred them into strands in lieu of spaghetti. Sounds too healthy for you? Make a naughty courgette cake.

Wholegood Organic Oranges

These oranges are sweet, tangy and juicy. The outsides are just as good as the insides, too: use that zingy zest in your baking projects or as a garnish.

Mornflake Pure Organic Oats

Sometimes simple is best, and these oats make a really creamy, comforting porridge. Still, there’s no harm in baking up a batch of flapjacks or cookies with them, either…

Meridian Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter

The only things in this little jar of goodness are peanuts. No sugar, no salt; just peanuts. Roasted for the best flavour, this delicious spread makes a great protein-boosting snack without the additives.


Tempted? Here’s how to claim your bundle:

  • Follow this link and add the six products to your trolley.
  • Place an order worth £40 or more, for delivery between 3rd–8th September.
  • Add the voucher code VOU7251375 as you check out.
  • We’ll deduct the cost for the first 500 customers to redeem it.



Naomi, Senior Social Media Executive (and Guardian of Giveaways)

19 thoughts on “NOW EXPIRED: FREE organic bundle with your next shop

  1. The code is failing to work… Not impressed ocado! If your going to offer promotions then you should ensure the code works?

    • Hi Debra, there shouldn’t be any issues with the voucher code as it is working for all other customers. Can we ask if there is an error message when you try to add it?

  2. That is typical! My latest order, the better part of £150 arrives this evening! No more amendments allowed. As there are only two of us, I won’t want anything else for at least a fortnight! Disappointed

    • We’re really sorry for the disappointment Barbara. We always have tricks up our sleeves so keep an eye out for our next giveaway which hopefully you will be able to take advantage of! Hope all goes well with your delivery this evening.

    • Oh no! We’re sorry Chloe. Hopefully you’ll be able to take full advantage of our giveaway next time! Hope you had a great delivery yesterday 🙂

    • We’re really sorry the courgettes are unavailable for tomorrow. As long as you add the other items and the voucher you will still receive the other items for free. Enjoy!

    • Sorry Helen, it was a giveaway that was only first come, first serve. We only had 500 to giveaway and so they had all been redeemed. This error message means they were all gone. We’re sorry for any disappointment caused and we hope you manage to take full advantage next time.

    • Hi Marcus, the error message Helen received means all the bundles had been redeemed. This is the same for every customer who didn’t manage to grab it in time. The blog was updated accordingly, advising all bundles had gone. Thanks.

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